The KINDLAND Holiday Gift Guide: Cannabis Candies and Chocolates

Presents for the naughty, nice, and 420-friendly sweet teeth on your list.

The winter holidays are all about family, friends, and giving. But everyone’s favorite time of the year can also be lit AF. Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Celebrity Day (we see you, Scientology)––it doesn’t matter what you’re celebrating, so long as jolly spirits are in the air, and chestnuts and dabs are roasting on an open fire, or e-nail.

With progressive cannabis legislation sweeping the nation from coast to coast, the time has never been more right to infuse a bit of marijuana into your holiday gatherings. Vibing off these joyous feelings of togetherness, KINDLAND has curated a series of holiday gift guides for each and every type of cannabis consumer.

Before you and your honey get baked and make a ham, keep scrolling for some sweet weed-Infused candy and chocolate suggestions to put out on the table. That way, you’ll be prepared for when Uncle Joe shows up hungry as hell and like, three hours too early.

To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolates

Infused With: 2.5mg––45mg THC
Available In: California
Retail Cost: $50
Our Take: Get your olfactory glands lit from the moment you open the To Whom It May box. The cocoa nodes of these individually wrapped, and sold as sampler pack chocolates, are as strong as the candy is pungent. Mix and match these bougie weed-bites according to dose-levels.

Coda Signature Pure Milk Hot Chocolate 

Infused With: 10mg THC
Available In: Colorado 
Retail Cost: $7
Our Take: Unwrap this smooth chocolate cube, drop it into warm water, milk, or whatever warm liquid you're feeling, and you've got yourself a steaming mug of medicated hot cocoa––something to drink after hitting the slopes, but definitely not before you go skiing. 


Lucky Edibles Flavored Mints

Infused With: 10 mg THC
Available In: Colorado
Retail Cost: $20 per 100mg bottle
Our Take: These little guys are like Smarties or Altoids but they get the consumer elevated as heck. Rumored to be the most potent 10mg edible on the market. Apparently they are all about being consistent with their processes, investing in Pharma grade equipment and using some serious science to produce a killer mint.

Stokes Confections Truffles

Infused With: 20mg THC
Available In: California
Retail Cost: $5-per-truffle
Our Take: Mmmmmmmm. We would eat these truffles with or without the weed that’s been infused into the gluten-free, milky, smooth, fair-trade-cocoa-made, chocolate shell. Inside, a ganache filling comes in peanut butter, raspberry, almond, creme-de-menthe, and cherry flavors. A perfect follow-up to Stokes' MICROS mint, which the brand refers to as the industry's "preeminent low-dose edible product."

BlueKudu Polar Caps

Infused With: 100mg THC bar with 10 individual dose pieces, 10mg THC per serving
Available In: Colorado
Retail Cost: $20
Our Take: According to the Denver-based edibles maker, 8,000 of these sweet and fresh treats sold out last holiday season. Dark chocolate (58 percent cacao,) sits atop a layer of premium white chocolate––both layers are infused with THC. A peppermint-pieces sprinkling make this $20 chocolate bar worth the (low) calories, and the Andrew Jackson.