The No-Frills Guide To Hosting A Grown-Up Weed Party

It all starts with how you pack your Stashbox.

This guide for the modern cannabis consumer proves that the stoner stigma is dead and buried. You’re an adult. Which, depending on how recently you joined this age demographic, means you can vote for things like legal recreational weed smokin’, but still have to pay an exorbitant fee when you rent a car. Or it could also mean you’re already on your second minivan, and khaki pants or pantsuits make an appearance in your wardrobe on a weekly basis. Nonetheless, there isn’t much difference between planning a block party, or throwing the best smoke session on the block. Stashbox and KINDLAND teamed up to deliver the goods and help you win 'best host'.


You Probably Already Do This, But: Before you check out at the dispensary, some things you may want to ask your budtender include: Whether your products were lab-tested for pesticides, fungi, or residual solvents; if the shop regularly works with the same growers and distributors; if they also sell donuts. If the pot shop has a first-time patient or referral rewards program, bring your friend, or sister-in-law that swears the delivery service is the only way to get weed, and normally avoids dispensaries. It'll mean more pot for you, and more pot for your party. 

You Might Also Want To Keep In Mind: That not everyone smokes at the same level, and that cannabis can still be unpredictable at times. Marijuana researcher Kevin McKernan told KINDLAND previously, “There is a lot of anecdotal information out there about how different strains do different things to different people.” In 2011, Mckernan was part of the team credited with first-sequencing the cannabis genome. “These strains, or the effects they produce, can ‘change,’ without much notice.” So hybrid strains are probably your best bet for the crowd pleaser, but everyone loves options, and nothing is more fun than smelling and tasting a little bit of everything.

Fun + Fact: The average joint weighs .32 grams. This guy on Instagram took a 35-gram dab. And weed might even help you lose weight.


You Probably Already Do This, But: Thoroughly clean your glass. Soaking your pipes and bongs in a cleaning solution the night before your weed party will not only ensure fresh, tasty pulls on the following evening, it will remind your friends that you’re not the pothead they knew in college, you’ve become a refined cannabis consumer, and an adult too. Set out a few different types of rolling papers and blunt wraps.

But, For Real Don’t: Fill your dabbing torch near an open flame.

And Last, But Not Least: Pickup some hemp-wick: Lighting a bowl with the string made from the plant will give you a better tasting rip, and you’ll save your lungs, too. While you’re at it, keep a small bubbler on hand for the friend that enjoys a cool, clean, but not too killer hit.



Vibes: No weed party is the same. One night, you might want to invite all of your friends over and make a bunch of sweet and savory edibles. The next, you may be invited to dine on a gourmet, chef-prepared, 4-course meal and smoke bougie weed strains, drink THC-infused iced tea and watch the sunset at a picturesque mountainside venue. Weed is only unpredictable sometimes.

Songs and Sounds: As Oscar Wilde once wrote: “If one plays good music, people don't listen and if one plays bad music people don't talk.” Music is crucial to any such coming together of friends. so limit the Dave Matthews Band to like, 3 songs on your playlist, don’t go too heavy on the Thom Yorke or Siouxsie and the Banshees, and be weary of dudes with mustaches and acoustic guitars singing about giving their loves cherries that have no stones and chickens that have no bones.

Food: It’s pretty difficult to screw up a pot-luck. Tacos, tapas, teriyaki chicken––munchies are the universal thread of any man, woman, or pet that enjoys cannabis. Have everyone bring a dish, and also some marijuana to share.

Fully Functional: Get high and try to make a bong out of a kombucha bottle. Leave out some interesting reading material, or even some adult coloring books. Host your own elevated screening event: watch your favorite weed-themed movies, order a bunch of buffalo wings and throw a 420-friendly super bowl or listen to the vinyl records from your goth phase and read your diary full of teen angst while you sample concentrates with your artsy friends from the east side. If you get too high, that dude from high school that still thinks he is a DJ might just save your life

This out of the box guide to the high life was created in partnership with Stashbox.