The Nuggy Is the Swiss Army Knife For All You On-the-Go Stoners

Seemingly each week, new products join the list of essentials for the modern cannabis connoisseur. But the Nuggy, from weed-tool-manufacturer NugTools, might just make the past couple of month's output of pokers, scrapers, and dabbers irrelevant. The Nuggy combines ten different marijuana-related tools into one travel-friendly multi-tool. 

Screenshot via NugTools

The Nuggy multi-tool, which retails for $30, comes with a knife, scissors, a roach clip, a tamper, a cute little mini-spoon, a bowl-scraper, bottle-opener, a flathead screwdriver, a poker, and an LED flashlight––each of which folds out from the Nuggy body, which is roughly the size of a traditional  yo-yo. 

And KINDLAND really wants one.