This Aroha Silhouettes Jewelry Is Holiday High #2

Straight up precious pieces.

Cannabis Jewelry

Image via Okidokiokami/Instagram

Living in Vancouver by way of New Zealand, Tania Hennessy quit her job working in a lab to devote herself full time to the art of jewelry-making with her own company, Aroha Silhouettes. Her background in science is a major influence, as seen in Hennessy's Molecular Addictions Collection. Amid jewelry depicting the molecular structures of coffee and cigarettes, testosterone and even an overdose, several variations deal exclusively with cannabis. Choose from a stainless-steel THC necklace and earrings, or a spliff molecule necklace and lattice-like cannabinoid necklace. Finishes are available in matte black, steel and 24-karat gold plating. ($45 and up, available online.)