This Dr. J's Rolling Tray Is Holiday High #6

Basketball not included.

Dr. J's Rolling Tray 

Messy joint-rolling can often be something of a preemptive buzzkill, not to mention unsightly. Dr. J.'s Rolling Tray fixes to change that. After the eponymous "Dr. J." first hand-carved a tray out of washed-up driftwood, he started fashioning ones from cherry wood for his friends, eventually creating the handsome "Mark III," available in two sizes and a variety of material, including black walnut, maple, and alder wood. All trays include an Altoids-shaped branded tin, along with scissors, rolling papers, a custom poker, and more. (To ensure further customization, grinders and lighters are sold separately.) Dr. J.'s is offering 15 percent off items on its site with code kindmedia15. Keep in mind that all prices on the site are in Canadian dollars. ($29.95-$72, available online.)