This iHit Is Holiday High #7

It's either this or an apple bong.


Image via iHit24_7/Instagram

Have you ever wished that, on top of all the things that it can already do, your iPhone might also function as a weed case or maybe a wallet? In a video for the iHit, Jimmy James says he came up with the idea for this unique smartphone accessory "out of necessity," wanting to pre-roll joints without any stress. The iHit's ergonomic design features two components: One acts as a case; the other can be mounted later for actual use. Its removable, odor-free compartment for the iPhone 6/6s holds up to five joints. You can customize the two parts with any combination of black, white and/or green. Meanwhile, the OG iPhone 5/5s design is available in red or gray, and can carry a pre-rolled joint or one-hitter, with additional bud storage capabilities. Either way, the system is ideal for smokers on the go. As James himself attests: "Smokers, stoners, scholars: everybody should be rocking the iHit." If not your stash, it can hold your cash instead. ($19.99 to $29.99, available online.)