This iPhone Case Holds and Charges Your Vape

Sure, why not?

The VQ Stick vape peeps decided that you should be able to carry (and charge!) your vape wherever you go. That’s why the company came up with the VQ iPhone case that carries and charges its signature vape pen. The product is pretty sleek and doesn’t exactly look like you are carrying around your weed charger.

It blends in so well that dads might not know wtf it really is

From VQ:

The VQ is a one of a kind iPhone 6/6S case that not only stores our signature VQStick, but it also charges it. Forget the days of worrying to charge your vape the night before. With the VQ, your VQStick is always charged and always with you, so you never miss a puff! Featuring our patented technology The VQ iPhone 6/6S case is designed to charge our VQStick for days, or even weeks.

Do you want this? Need it? Well, it can be yours for just $69.99. If you’re a cool cannabis cat always on the go, you might just need this ASAP.

Of course, if you are the type of distracted person who is forever letting your iPhone run out of juice, you may continue to be shit out of luck on the VQStick.