This Legal States Coaster Set Is Holiday High #10

It's like being there without going there.

Legal States Coaster Set

Suzanne Mullen of MaggiesFarm Designs came up with the idea to sell cannabis-themed products while planning a trip to her old neighborhood in Juneau, Alaska. She and a friend decided to commemorate the state's recent legalization with a new design of the Alaskan flag. Then, Mullen began thinking about the other states—along with the District of Columbia—that had legalized recreational marijuana. Being a graphic designer, Mullen toyed with those state-flag designs as well, and came up with the idea of printing them on various products, including coasters. She does it all from a workshop at her house; so the whole endeavor is truly homegrown. Right now, the coaster set only includes Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and D.C., but Mullen is optimistic: She's already working on designs for California and Vermont coasters, with hopes they will be the next states where the recreational use of cannabis is legal. ($24 for five coasters, available online.)