This Stoner Coloring Book for Adults Is Holiday High #9

Crayons sold separately.

Stoner Coloring Book for Adults

When it comes to coloring for adults, there are numerous benefits. It's easy in the sense that coloring requires little effort or equipment to relax and fill in empty space. It also doesn't require excavating any dusty, old arts-and-crafts bins from the bowels of the linen closet. There's no need to apply color in straight lines, or even to stay within the lines at all. The whole point of coloring is to work with a palette and go from there. The palette itself doesn't even need to be selected ahead of time, nor do the materials. Crayons, paint markers, colored pencils, and negative space can all be used in the same coloring book, and even the same drawing. It's too bad we need to become adults before we figure out that sometimes, there are no rules. Artist Domé Betz's Stoner Coloring Book for Adults features 28 fun cartoon-like illustrations of fantastical creatures surrounded by smoke and snacks. The truth is, most cannabis consumers will probably appreciate just about any adult coloring book out there. ($12.99, available online.)