This Tank-Shaped Bong Is Blowing Up On Social Media

The Dank Tank is even becoming the preferred piece of weed celebrities.

Ever wanted to smoke out of a killing machine/mode of transportation? Enter the #DankTank, a glass bong from subscription smoking goods service The Daily High Club

The tank-shaped bong (as in a military tank, not a fish tank, though that would be sweet, too) is blowing up on social media and has been "spotted" in posts from a slew of weed world influencers and personalities. Tommy Chong has one. Rapper Wacka Flocka was seen blazing down via the little tank. And weed-tubers Silenced Hippie and CustomGrow420 have also posted videos of themselves puffing some herb from the Dank Tank. 

The tank, which can be outfitted for flower and concentrates, features "a 14mm male joint as well as an inline perc for great diffusion and milky rips," according to the bong's creators. 

As if 2017 wasn't already the year of weed, the Dank Tank seals the deal.