Tokyo Smoke Teams Up With Aphria On Canada's First Branded Strains

Boujie doesn't begin to cover it.

Since the lifestyle cannabis brand first launched in 2016, Canada-based Tokyo Smoke has been making waves in the legal weed world. Which only makes sense. Before launching the brand (which focuses on simple, unique design geared toward the contemporary cannabis consumer), Alan Gertner, co-founder and CEO of Tokyo Smoke, was the head of a global sales team at Google.

Now, with a couple of years of skin in the emerging Canadian weed game, Gertner and his Tokyo Smoke team continue to push the envelope, and seek to further their vision as influencers within the country’s legal cannabis landscape. This week, the brand announced a partnership with licensed producer Aphria, and this month the collaboration will yield a kit of Tokyo Smoke-branded proprietary strains––an industry first, according to a press release from the brands.

“This launch is the culmination of Tokyo Smoke’s vision of providing a beautiful cannabis experience in both design and product,” Gertner said in a press release. “When conceptualizing each strain, we wanted to pair consistent, high-quality cannabis with a focus on Tokyo Smoke branding, design and packaging. Contemporary customers deserve to have a cannabis experience that aligns with the rest of their lifestyle.”

From the release:

“The four strains will launch as a part of a kit ($250), featuring unique Tokyo Smoke packaging, five grams of each strain along with custom crafted black glass jars and special welcome accessories.”

Tokyo Smoke G, sativa strain, 18% THC, <1% CBD*
Tokyo Smoke Rx, indica strain, 19% THC, <1% CBD*
Tokyo Smoke Rf, sativa strain, <1% THC, 12% CBD*
Tokyo Smoke B, hybrid strain, 1:1 THC:CBD

More than that, Tokyo Smoke also teamed up with vaporizer maker Pax, and will release 100 limited edition, co-branded PAX 3 vaporizers––which are some of the best portable consumption devices on the market. Consumers can now cop the Tokyo Smoke X PAX deals via pre-order, with the rest of the kit included. Learn more and purchase a kit for yourself here.