Twenty After: Bukket The Waterless Gravity Bong

A modern take on the classic piece of weed paraphernalia uses physics instead of water to get users lit.

The tools that weed enthusiasts and medical marijuana patients use in order to medicate or get high are always changing. As new innovations in paraphernalia and pipe-making hit the market, cannabis users are inundated and amazed by an ever-growing array of weedy gizmos, gadgets, bubblers, and bongs.

The gravity bong, for example, is a classic instrument tried and employed in the pursuit of pot-induced euphoria. Most would say your standard DIY bong––made from a halved two-liter bottle, a bucket, and air pressure, for instance––lacks the need to be updated.

The team at Bukket, which makes a waterless gravity bong, seems to suggest otherwise. 

Bukket first introduced its waterless gravity bong product in Amsterdam, at the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup.  The accordion-esque bong uses gravity to deliver a high unto one's endocannabinoid system. Just light your weed while expanding the bong, and inhale as you compress it to its original shape, exhaling purple O's and giant clouds of weedy goodness.

As marijuana use spreads thanks to shifting cannabis laws and weed enters the mainstream, products like the Bukket-bong might get a serious shot at the spotlight... or fall by the wayside.