Wake And Bake, And Eat, With The Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast just got so f*ckin lit.

Cannabis technology has been evolving at full tilt as legalization legislation spreads across the states. And one such innovation born of this cannabis-fueled renaissance, is seemingly the real breakfast of champions, as it will make your morning just as lit, as it is filled with a nutritious breakfast.

The Breakfast Bowl combines two of the cannabis consumer’s favorite bowls––one for weed, and one for cereal––and redefines what it means to wake and bake.

Though the weed-bowl portion is connected to the food-bowl portion of the apparatus, the two bowls never come into contact, with the smoke flowing underneath the food bowl. Such ingenuity allows the user to go from taking a hit of the chronic, to taking a bite of cereal––or like, pasta/oatmeal/pretty much anything else one might reasonably eat from a bowl––with fluidity.

The creator of the handmade, glass pipe, Ryan Hart, didn’t invent the stoner-centric tool, so much as bring an idea that originated on Internet forums, into being.

“The breakfast bowl pipe was an internet myth that we had to break,” reads the Breakfast Bowl website. “We saw all of the photos and followed all the links, but just couldn’t find a place to buy it. So we did the next best thing, we commissioned the production so we could share it with the world.”

You’re a legend, Ryan.

Cop one of your own, here