Weed Lube Goes In Butts Now Too

FORIA launches the 'Explore' line––weed lube for the booty.

Weed is everywhere these days. In stores, on television, in your lungs, your lunch, your V, and now even your B. 

You know we're talkin' bout private parts, baby. And booties are the newest point of entry into the infused-cannabis products market for California-based company, FORIA, with the launch of their latest product they're calling 'Explore.'

"Designed with two main goals in mind, FORIA Explore is the first all-natural herbal product designed to enhance anal pleasure and diminish the discomfort of anal play, all without risky chemicals or side-effects," the company writes in a release. "(Many aficionados of anal sex have relied on questionable substances to assist in making anal sex more comfortable and pleasurable.)"

Such questionable substances the brand is referring to, include quasi-legal "poppers." 

"Each ['Explore'] suppository contains 60mg of C02-extracted THC and 10mg of a CBD isolate from organic hemp [and] all-natural jojoba extract for its soothing and moisturizing properties," says the release.

The makers of the weed lube for doing butt stuff, are celebrating its release, in conjunction with PRIDE month, in San Francisco, today. 

Brittany Confer, the brand's marketing director and a young O.G. in the new weed game, previously told The KIND: "The industry can certainly be a place where diversity––women, people of color, minorities, everyone––gets a chance to succeed." 

And also experiences the benefits of weed in its myriad consumable forms. 

FORIA is promoting 'Explore' on social media with the hashtag, #MARYjANAL, and previously penetrated the THC-sex-sector via, 'Pleasure'––cannabis-infused lube said to enhance sex for women; (also a favored beverage of many a weed writer) and 'Relief,' a weed/vaginal suppository, said to make the worst days of a woman's month, a little better from the inside out. 

Find FORIA Explore in California here.