Working Out The Kinks: Distributing Cannabis In Nevada Is Still Difficult AF

Despite being two months into recreational legalization, the Silver State weed market continues to see roadblocks.

Almost two full months after sales of recreational marijuana started in Las Vegas, there is still one issue that remains unresolved: distribution. As of now, alcohol distributors have exclusive rights to the industry for the first 18 months at market, but there are very few providing service to cultivators and dispensaries so far.

One company, Blackbird Logistics, has been handling most of the distribution from cultivator to dispensary for the recreational and medical markets. As the first company to receive the go-ahead to deliver cannabis, the transportation and delivery business had to partner with Crooked Wine in order to start deliveries. The company has almost doubled in size since July 13 to meet demand. Tim Conder, co-founder and CEO of Blackbird, says that the expansion is allowing them to finally catch up.

“We’ve been insanely busy. Right now, we’re serving 80 to 90 percent of the market, if not more. It’s been pretty difficult to keep up. As of this week we’re getting to be fully caught up and back to where we were in the medical market.” Their strides to meet the demand have become apparent to their clients, but the problems have yet to be solved.

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