WTF Is 'Idukki Gold' and Why Can't the Internet Stop Talking About It?

Idukki is 'India's strongest weed,' and it goes by many names

Names of weed strains can range from arbitrary to dubious. Blue Dream, White Widow, Idukki Gold. 

Never heard of the last of the three? Me either, until it popped up all over the Internet today. According to several bits of click-bait content, Idukki Gold is reportedly Asia’s strongest strain of cannabis, and it is grown in India.

Reading beyond the headlines, this Idukki weed is confusing, but not in the fun way

According to the India Times

"[Idukki Gold] is locally known as 'Neela Chadayan' or simply Chadayan, which means blue curly. It is believed to be a hybrid strain of cannabis 80 percent India and 20 percent foreign, probably Amsterdam.”

The "80 percent India" designation is a weird way to describe a strain. At first, I thought it might have been a typo—India for indica—which is totally forgivable, especially when reporting on that sticky icky. On second reading, the writer seems to mean that the Chadayan’s supposed genetic signature is derived from strains found in India and somewhere foreign (probably Amsterdam), but I can't be so sure. The story goes on to state that Idukki Gold a/k/a Chadayan, a/k/a Blue Curly, contains 8 percent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive element found in marijuana. Considering that basic bud sold from the mid-shelf in Los Angeles hovers at the 20-something percent power range, Idukki Gold is conceivably more icky than it is sticky, and perhaps it’s also kind of bunk.

Rs100($1.50) of weed in India (via)

To be fair, weed that grows in regions neighboring India's grow-ops is said to, on bulk, contain less than 5 percent of the psychoactive ingredient, and it is sometimes sold as Idukki Gold. And to be sure, some cannabis doesn’t contain THC at all, and is instead high in other cannabinoids such as CBD (cannabidiol). But if THC-content is the primary criterium being used to determine the strength of a nug––Blue Curly isn’t all that tough.

But weed is weed, man––even if it sucks. In some parts of the world, cannabis is so illegal that selling it can get you killed. 

I’m probably being too harsh of a critic, a real weed snob, if you will. This takedown (of a strain that might not even exit) is being written from behind a desk in a comfy, creative workspace, by someone who purchases weed at boutique-style Southern California dispensaries, or has it delivered in bougie packaging, via smartphone app. Whereas cultivators of Chadayan must raise the plant under fairly turbulent conditions. The area in which most of the weed being marketed as Idukki Gold is reportedly grown is described as “a hotbed of Naxalism”––Maoist guerrilla groups who are offshoots of the Communist Party of India. 

But weed is weed, man––even if it sucks. In some parts of the world, cannabis is so illegal that selling it can get you killed. Lookin’ at you, Duterte

At least Idukki Gold has a film of the same title, which is actually quite an accomplishment for a flower that gets people stoned.