You Can Now Buy Space Weed For $100 A Gram

Some Scottsdale bros sent some herb to space and are now selling it for out-of-this-world prices.

Have you ever wanted to smoke weed from space? Same. Well now, according to the Phoenix New Times, this fever dream can now become a reality. Yep, you can actually get lit on some nugs that have previously left our home planet. And you don't even have to raid Buzz Aldrin's stash to do it. According to the Times:

"Like most cannabis, the hybrid strain of Thin Mint marijuana had high hopes of being inhaled, and not flushed down the toilet by a concerned mother. It was grown in Phoenix with the primarily positive intent of someday reducing anxiety or boosting Doritos sales. . . But the folks over at Herban Planet, a Scottsdale-based educational website for both marijuana businesses and consumers, had bigger plans for this particular strain of pot. Before landing in the hands of what could be a toked-out, incense-burning hipster, this bud would make history as the first pound of marijuana flower to be thrust 35 kilometers above Earth into space. . . The strain was aptly named 'Space Weed Bro.'" 

To snag some Space Weed Bro for yourself, you will have to drop some serious dough. The interstellar chronic is available from Scottsdale-based dispensary Level Up for the out-of-this-world price of $100 per gram.