Quiet Cafeterias Full of Soft, Lit Memories

Cafeterias are not just places to eat. They are places of solitude, sorrow, happiness, and contentment. A cafeteria is a place to escape the mundane parts of your daily life to sit basically and have a simple warm meal. You can unwind, cry, study, gossip, or pig out until your whole body hurts. It’s a place to linger and loiter with complete strangers or best friends. The structures themselves can appear sterile and cold, but these expansive mess halls are places of comfort for many. 

Take a glance at the cafeterias in this photo gallery. You’ll be transported back to your favorite mass eating space, where you perhaps came up with your greatest ideas or solved your biggest problems.

At times, on the surface, sparse and uncozy, these cafeterias are a reminder of things that are good. Friends, or peace and quiet, and probably some warm food and the cheapest weed connection of your life are nearby.