Really Dumb Cops Charged for Stealing Edibles on Camera

Cops from Santa Ana, California, have done a great disservice to any police fraternal organization trying to distance itself from the stereotype of the beat patrolman sauntering into a doughnut shop and coercing free deep-fried delicacies from the shopkeeper through sheer physical bullying force and the implicit intimidation of unwarranted arrest.

Granted, maple bars are not the sugary delight of choice for stuffing the porcine faces of officers Brandon Matthew Sontag, 31; Nicole Lynn Quijas, 37; and Jorge Arroyo, 32. This trio of Santa Ana’s finest, if security camera footage from Sky High Holistic medical marijuana dispensary tells the truth, prefers freely appropriated cookies and protein bars.

At press time, none of these treats were determined to have contained marijuana. Still, a casual reader, and also one that’s not casual at all, could be forgiven for presuming that protein bars and cookies displayed within a glass-topped case in a weed shop are, in fact, infused with active ingredients of the cannabis plant.

The raid took place on May 26 of last year. As the video shows, the cops failed in their attempt to disable all surveillance cameras and destroy all footage.

Sontag, Quijas, and Arroyo are scheduled to be arraigned April 11.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, even dirty cops, but this portion of Santa Ana’s force is clearly and frighteningly guilty of arrogance, ineptitude, incivility, and not having enough foresight to bring along a carton of milk.