Seoul-Based Sundae School Drops First Line Of 'Smokewear'

The creative sibling duo's first line 'reimagines a story as old as time.'

As you're probably already aware, the cannabis lifestyle extends far beyond one's predisposition for lighting up. Especially now, as marijuana is as relevant in popular culture as it's ever been, weed is inspiring everything from tech to food to fashion.

A dope example of weed's growing fashion influence comes from the creative Seoul-based sibling duo, Cindy and Dae Lim, whose brand Sundae School recently dropped its first line of "smoke wear" garments called "Chapter 1: Genesis." The debut line features "smoking apparel and accessories inspired by the streets of Seoul" and "reimagines a story as old as time," according to the Sundae School website. The Genesis line, the Lims say, is inspired by the biblical creation story (you know, Adam and Eve, magical apples, sneaky-ass snakes, etc.). 

And the Genesis lookbook is straight fire. Check out the clothes below, snag some of your own here, and be on high alert for this brand's next batch.