SMOKE: Skywalker

Skywalker easily defeats aches and stress and eases the Jedi into a peaceful night's sleep. This strain, which hails from Amsterdam, a mix of Blueberry and Mazer, is perfect for anxiety. It has an earthy taste and a bit of a clear-minded sativa edge. When bred with OG Kush, it creates another popular strain, Skywalker OG. This can be a potent one, may the force be with you.

Do This

The Star Wars Holiday Special

If you've never seen this completely bonkers piece of crap from 1978, you should. Forget that I just called it a completely bonkers piece of crap. Unless that's your thing. This wild variety show pulls in most characters from the 'Star Wars' universe, but the weirdest shit is definitely Chewbacca's family and the celebration of Life Day. You can find it on YouTube.


Luke doesn't know who his real father is for quite some time, and if he would have fucked around on Ancestry.com for an afternoon, maybe he would have learned it was Darth Vader a lot sooner and still have two hands. Anyway, getting lit and tooling around on the Internet is really satisfying. Who knows, maybe you'll discover some weird dark secret in your family tree.

Tight rope lessons

Pick up a new hobby! A unique one at that! Impress your friends with daring feats of, um, balancing on a cable between two things. Could be fun, right? I don't know. Please don't die.