Smoking Weed on the White House Lawn Is Kind of Dumb

One group proves weed can indeed be a waste of time and money.

This tweet does more for the weed legalization movement than a bunch of people smoking it on the White House lawn. 

Cannabis Activists in Washington D.C. lit up over the weekend in front of the most famous house in America to never be featured on MTV's Cribs

The peaceful, though mostly unnecessary, protest was a plea for President Obama to de-schedule cannabis, which is still considered an herb of mass destruction and a Schedule 1 narcotic by the nation's top dogs/Federal Government/this old public service announcement

The protest was organized by local cannabis advocacy group, DCMJ

The organization fights for cannabis's right to party/serve as a conduit for social reform and economic stimulation, but also took it upon itself to "re-schedule 4/20," also known as April 20--the dia de la mota.

From DCMJ:

"Due to popular demand, we’re rescheduling 4/20 this year to 4/2 because Obama’s been a BIG ZER0 on cannabis reform."

Popular demand? That's the collective bargaining power that brings back French Toast Crunch (actually happened) or 3D Doritos (still waiting), or a Full House remake (take it back, please). 

How many people really wanted to reschedule 4/20? 

The group is said to have began the demonstration by carrying an inflatable joint that demanded: "Obama, Deschedule Cannabis Now!"

We can only imagine this chant was followed by a mean "Or else!" Though reports have yet to come over the wire with confirmation of the harsh threat.

After allegedly conceding to police and Secret Service agents that the blow-up toy could probably be used as a means of doing terrorism stuff because humans are animals, the group deflated it, held it up as a banner, and then lit up at 4:17 PM. But this time the variance from standard burn time was made supposedly because the cops, "might have been prepared to crack down at 4:20." 

This is absurd. And a waste of time. And not a good look for cannabis activism. If anything, it's mostly an SEO win for the search term "inflatable joint."

If there is a bright side to DCMJ's "smoke in," it lies in the irony that despite smoking schedule 1 narcotics steps away from the home of the President, in clear view of police, nobody was reportedly arrested.

This is not a good look for cannabis activism. If anything, it's mostly an SEO win for the search term "inflatable joint."

In Washington D.C., the nation's capital, it is legal for adults to possess two ounces of marijuana, and grow even more plants at home. Meanwhile, the nation, and world at large, continue to suffer to no end from the failed War on Drugs. 

A 51-foot inflatable joint is funny. Smoking weed on the White House lawn makes for a damn clickable headline. Nothing was accomplished for legalization or harm-reduction efforts. Taxpayer money was wasted dubiously on police officers and Secret Service agents. 

So it goes.

Later this month, on the real 4/20, a load of college students will wear flip flops and smoke their weight in weed while the United Nations meets to discuss effects said drug war has had on humanity and ponder the implications of a shift in global drug policy. 

And let's hope the U.N. endeavors turn out to be better uses of an organized mob's time than carrying around an inflatable joint, and smoking weed on the grass, in a big crowd, where a hologram of Tupac is not slated to make an appearance at any point.