Snapshots From the So-Cal Cannabis Cup

One of the weed world's legacy events in photos and yak yak.

The High Times Cannabis Cup has long attracted an elevated crowd. 

Since even before weed became quasi-legal and super complicated, Cup attendees have come together over a shared love of cannabis. What began as a safe space for massive amounts of people to consume massive amounts of the herb; and to pit strains against one another in seemingly friendly competition (though not so, according to some); and to convene on all of weed's related affairs; has since become marijuana's largest industry tradeshow. 

Venue cities have included Amsterdam––where the Cup began, and was held until 2010––Denver, San Francisco, San Bernardino, and Clio, Michigan. The magazine plans on hosting future cups in Negril, Jamaica, and Portland, Oregon. 

Meanwhile, a scatter shot of celebratory, hyper-local, social cannabis events are popping off after being inspired by––or in spite of––the High Times Cannabis Cup. 

Last weekend, after an especially difficult year of planning––which had the event organizers unable to secure proper permits from Colorado officials––thousands of 420-friendly folks met under the dusty and tangerine-tinged San Bernardino sun.

Pictured below are highlights from the So-Cal Cannabis Cup and Carnival, as captured by The KIND. 

California medical marijuana patients receive wrist bands, designating them as "chill-to-medicate." 

Despite it's namesake, this jar of "El Chapo O.G." didn't show up in California via a series of complex and inter-connected tunnels.... We hope. 

This shatter is worth more per gram than gold.

Vibes were on high. 

New cannabis-tech innovations take consuming the herb to new levels. Like "space-robot from the future" levels. 

This medicated gelato kept us cool under the California sun. And got us stoned. 

Attendees range from pot activists to pot enthusiasts to this dude that was way down to hug The KIND's correspondent. 

Paul Wall was there, ya'll. 

This cannabis concentrate costs more per gram than pure cocaine. 

THC-infused edibles and topical products were a small portion of the elevated products that were displayed/stoned us. 

Also, dabs

All photos by Ben Parker Karris for The KIND.