Some Idiot Smugglers Hid 847 Pounds Of Cocaine In Banana Cases

Another case of people hiding drugs in fruit gone awry.

From catapults that send drugs soaring over the US-Mexico border, to dumb smugglers hiding substances in tow with (possibly) nuclear weapons and crates of limes, people get creative when it comes to shipping illegal drugs. One group even wrapped cannabis inside packaging that resembled carrots in an attempt to smuggle the weed into the United States. Spoiler Alert: they failed miserably. 

Luckily for us, the saga of drugs being hidden inside fruits and vegetables continues. This week, German police reportedly found nearly 850 pounds of cocaine hidden inside a shipment of bananas originating in Ecuador. 

According to the Associated Press:

"An employee at a wholesale company in Leverkusen, just outside Cologne, alerted police on Saturday to the suspected drugs. Police said Monday that they found the substance in hundreds of one-kilogram packages hidden in 26 cases of bananas. . . They say samples tested so far show that the powdery substance was cocaine. The cases were shipped to Hamburg and then taken by truck to Leverkusen." 

Needless to say, whoever is responsible for the hidden contraband would be better off just blazing down on some Strawberry Banana, a dope strain of weed.