Songs: 'Long Time' by Bob Marley

Bob Marley is a tropical savior.

I was once stuck on St. Martin for four long days because of a hurricane. I know what you’re thinking—stranded in tropical paradise? Howww terrrible! But once we lost power and Internet and I had read every issue of US Weekly (twice), the boredom was maddening. 

“Lonnnnnng time. We no have no nice timmMe.” God, Young Bob Marley was reading my mind

Amazingly, our place had a stack of CDs and a DISCMAN of all things, and while I had pretty low hopes for their collection of best-of records, I popped one in and laid back. "Nice Time" was the first track, and I must have listened to it 15 times in a row. 

“Lonnnnnng time. We no have no nice timme.” God, young Bob Marley was reading my mind. When there's weather in the tropics, the sky turns the most unearthly color of acid yellow, and all the animals make the strangest noises. They know what’s coming.