Songs: 'Me, Myself & I' by G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha

The first time I was introduced to G-Easy (a/k/a Young Gerald a/k/a Gerald Earl Gillum) was on his home turf at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California. He was back in the Bay for a night or maybe two and playing for his home crowd. You can imagine the vibe was electric. I was visiting my brother who was living in SF at the time. After a strange night marching with protesters over the shooting of Michael Brown, we found ourselves standing in front of the Fox looking at G-Eazy's name on the marque. My brother was already a fan of G-Eazy; so we scalped some tickets, pushed our way through the crowd, and took in what would be one of the most memorable concerts I've been to in some time. 

The track "Me, Myself & I," off his sophomore album When It’s Dark Out, follows G-Eazy as he faces his inner conflicts.

Enjoy the visuals above and download the album here.