SMOKE: Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a popular sativa that smells strongly of earth and diesel fuel. Often shortened to "Sour D." (not a euphemism for an infected penis), this strain will lift you up to let you bask in positive, comforting sunshine. It's the feel good hit of the summer, ideal for stress relief and depression. Keep your favorite drink handy if you're messing with the D., though, as it will likely give you cottonmouth.

Do This

Sour Patch Kids

This classic stoner/movie snack will definitely pop off when paired with Sour Diesel. These little guys hit that tongue, and the tastebuds go fireworks. Try not to permanently damage your mouth or worry too much about the dire realities of the Sour Patch Peoples and the brutal, genocidal harvesting of their children.

Lazy River

Let the current carry you away as your woes and stresses fall from you and dissolve in the sparkling water. Preferably, you're in the wildness on a clear summer day, winking at the grassy banks and listening to nature's concert. In place of the real thing, however, you've got water parks which will do in a pinch. Otherwise, just stand out in the sun and splash some water on your face—that feels great too.

Vin Diesel

There is probably nothing on God's green earth better than smoking Sour Diesel with Vin Diesel. Much like the euphoria-inducing strain, Vin Diesel's mere presence is therapeutic—he will calm you, he will make you feel warm inside, his tough-guy smirk backed with his heart of gold will shower you in positive radiation and support. Maybe he'll make some lemonade while you dust off the bocce ball set. Later, he might even suggest you grab some burritos and drive you to his favorite spot. He'll play the Fast and the Furious soundtrack and at first you'll think, "is this lame?" But no. It's not lame, you'll realize. It's actually really tight. "This is a great soundtrack," you think. Great just like your new pal Vin Diesel. Your new pal Vin Diesel who is smiling at you while the sun sets as you cruise down PCH.