Spaces: Mister Green Life Store

Inside LA's most lit new lifestyle shop, Mister Green.

If you're cool, you know it, everyone else knows it, and you don't flaunt it. Governed by this logic, Mister Green is as cool as a cucumber. 

The Los Angeles "life store," located on an East Hollywood corner just down the street from/in the shadow of the Church of Scientology world headquarters, is part head shop, part boutique, and a kind of a cannabis-centric apothecary. Currently, it stands out as an ultra-hip alternative to the sea of super casual, semi-outdated bong retailers in Southern California. 

"For me, I’m much more interested in making something that feels like a gallery. Make things airy and out in the open," Mister Green founder Ariel Stark-Benz said of his shop recently to GQ. It was just this past year Stark-Benz made the switch from online only to brick-and-mortar. "I think of it as a select shop, in the Japanese tradition, like Beams or United Arrows. Beams has created or perfected this notion of a lifestyle store that always comes back to good design, and unique products that you can fill your life with." 

Mister Green is a retail sanctuary for the modern cannabis consumer and collector of vintage drug scene wares. Inside, you might find an issue of High Times magazine from the weed-porn publication's golden era, a new pocket tee, or a high-end/low-tech joint-rolling machine. 

Mister Green Life Store
4884 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA