Spaces: People's OC Offers Industrial Vibes, Top-Shelf Cannabis

The brick-and-mortar dispensary is THE plug for cannabis in the OC.

With so many cannabis dispensaries popping up in California these days, it's getting harder and harder to stand out as truly unique. Orange County’s People’s OC doesn't seem to have that problem. Ask yourself, how many dispensaries have product museums next to the waiting room? The answer is very few—if any—apart from the People's OC.

The dispensary claims to be California’s largest brick and mortar cannabis storefront. And more than being the OC’s (legal) plug for all things marijuana, a visit to People’s OC is a full-on experience. With a sleek, contemporary aesthetic and trendy, industrial vibes, you could easily mistake the place for a hip coffee shop—if there wasn't tons of dank herb, of course. The walls inside People’s OC are covered in original artwork and the shelves are stocked with an inventory of products from the state’s most notable brands. Winner of DOPE 's 2017 Cannabis Store of the Year award, People’s OC is a welcoming environment for buying weed of all colors and stripes. 

People's OC
2721 S Grand Ave
Santa Ana, CA