Spaces: Poketo Curates Their Goods Better Than Most

Poketo has every design-driven thing you could ever need.

It is dangerous to have a store such as Poketo within walking distance of where I live in the Arts District. Anytime I am walking past I tend to stop in this inviting store regardless if I have anything I’m shopping for in particular, and rarely walk out empty-handed. There are few places I have seen that do a better job of curating their goods as well as founders Angie and Ted do. From books, to cooking supplies, to local artwork, and just colorful knick knacks in general... Poketo has every design-driven thing you need that you didn’t even know you needed. They also have built something bigger than just a shop, creating a community for all who appreciate aesthetics by hosting all sorts of workshops and pop-up art shows on a regular basis. 

To learn more about Poketo, click here.

374 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA

Photos by Laura Austin.