Spaces: The Springs Is A Sanctuary In The Heart Of Los Angeles

And has something for everyone.

The Springs is a fairly new addition to the blossoming Arts District, that if I had to classify as just one thing, I would call it a sanctuary. This airy 13,500 square-foot building is home to a raw vegan restaurant, a yoga studio, wine and juice bar, retail and wellness center... basically a holistic amusement park. I’m not going to lie, I am not a vegan, I happen to enjoy meat quite a bit, but anytime I do eat there it makes me not miss the animals much. Being a freelancer, it can become a bit claustrophobic working from home all the time... so I tend to use The Springs as a remote office when I need to get out of my house. They are very welcoming to this type of person, with a whole section of the space outfitted with picnic tables, couches, and coffee tables. And if you get stressed out staring at your computer screen for too long you can simply take a break, get a massage in their wellness center, and get back to work feeling incredibly refreshed afterwards (I’ve actually done this and it is amazing). Basically if you are feeling off balance in any sort of way just head over to The Springs and they have everything you need to get you feeling good again.

To learn more about The Springs, click here.

The Springs
608 Mateo St
Los Angeles, CA

Photos by Laura Austin.