Spoiler Report: Cartel Weed Profits Down, D.C. Dabs Hard, More

Headlines from the weed world and beyond.

Legal weed in America is cutting into Mexican cartel and cannabis cultivator profits. The cartels are now focusing more heavily on cocaine, meth and working to improve how they're portrayed the next time a television drama with the gravitas of AMC's Breaking Bad sheds insight into the narcotics underworld. [Los Angeles Times]

A recently published book based on an Oxford study posits that thinking like a paranoid stoner is actually conducive to mental illness research. [The New Republic]

Weed derivative reduces seizures in previously treatment-resistant epilepsy. [Psych Central]

People are fucking on hover boards. These are the last people we need reproducing. [Broadly]

Miami is once again actively trafficking cocaine through Dade County. It's all traveling down the Miami River. [VICE]

Drug Cartels have more Instagram followers than you, and are posting photos of themselves doing drug cartel stuff. [The KIND]

A Colorado judge is deciding whether a cannabis credit union should receive a master account, which would allow the organization to provide financial services to legal weed businesses. [Denver Business Journal]

This dude spent nearly two days rolling a joint that looked like Joan of Arc. And your parents said weed was a waste of time. [VICE]

Washington, D.C., gets down with the dab, learns what shatter is. [Washington Post]

Marijuana incubator ready to invest and launch new cannabis startups. [TechCrunch]

Weed is quickly being integrated into daily life in Denver. [The Denver Post]

Malaysia bans vaping. Can we do the same now too? [MOTHERBOARD]