Spoiler Report: Chef-Driven Pot Pop-Ups, Cartel Cash Woes, More

And more dabbing grandparents on social media.

The Intentional Failure of Illinois's Medical Marijuana Program
In the first installment in contributor Sam Stecklow's two-part, in-depth dispatch from Illinois's failing medical-marijuana pilot program, Stecklow explores how Prairie state officials are seemingly kneecapping the medical marijuana program. [The KIND]

Dead Squid Can Have Sex With Your Face
According to the 2014 book of essays on Giant Squid, Preparing the Ghost, "Squid corpses, even when cooked, retain their sexual reflexes and have been known to inseminate our mouths." [BoingBoing]

Medical Marijuana Relieves Pain, Puts Old People to Work
A collective in Orange County is helping its patients––predominantly older folks and a retirement community––manage their pain, but also invites them take part in sourcing the medicine.[OC Register]

Legal Weed in America Is Cutting Into Mexican Drug Cartel Profits
The literal opposite of the War on Drugs is seemingly making more of a dent than decades of militarized policing ever could. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, "Mexican manufacturers of illegal marijuana bricks have driven down prices as residents in California, Colorado, and Washington state now have safe access to reasonably affordable medical marijuana and/or recreational cannabis." [SFGate]

Chef-Driven, Secret Pot Dinner Pop-Ups Promote That Weed Life
Denver pastry chef Mindy Segal is working on THC-enhanced brittle bars, granola, and a ready-made drinking-chocolate mix. Sinsemil.la, an “underground supper club,” dubs itself New York City’s first underground marijuana fine-dining experience. Boston's cannabis-dinner scene includes shrimp stews, deviled eggs, biscuits, and fried green tomatoes." [GrubStreet]

The Dabbing Grandparents of Social Media Are the Best Forever
From Instagram to YouTube to MassRoots, grandparents are dabbing all over the Internet. Broadly checks in with "MaryLovesGlass," a YouTuber and grandma who dabs on video. [Broadly]