Spoiler Report: Children of the Chronic, Death to Weed Drive-Thrus, More

Also, dabbing won't ruin your life.

Children of the Chronic: Which of These Kids Took Cannabis Oil?
The medical benefits of cannabis have yet to be fully realized. In some cases, such as with one of these children, medical marijuana is showing signs of fighting leukemia, and other horrible diseases. [VICE]

Portland, Oregon, Wants to Ban Weed Drive-Thrus
Even though no such businesses exist in the state just yet. According to Willamette Week: "The Portland City Council will consider a rule to bar medical marijuana dispensaries from offering drive-thru or walk-up window sales in Portland." Gold Beach, Oregon, is slated to open the first weed drive-thru in April 2016. We'll see where the state lands. [WWeek]

Shatter Won't Ruin Your Life
Despite what basic media tells you, highly concentrated marijuana products won't have your aspirations crumbling to pieces. Read this one for a laugh. [ABC7]

Weed Can Aid in Your Workout
According to a world champion wrestler and martial artist trained (and apparently named?) by Jean-Claud Van Damme, weed and working out is a totally chill combo, and the herb actually enhances the exercise. [Washington Post]

Is Waking-and-Baking Beneficial to Your Productivity? 
It all depends on how much you bake, and the person doing the baking after waking. Just don't get too woke. [Yahoo]