Spoiler Report: Coyotes Are Shroomin', Weeding at Work, More

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Coyotes in California Are Tripping on Shrooms and Playing in Traffic
Motorists on California Highway 1 have reported incidents involving coyotes staring down and sniffing their vehicles, before storming off into the woods hella dramatically. Experts think the coyotes either ate some psilocybin mushrooms and are just tripping balls, or were previously fed by human visitors at close proximity. [The Pacific Sun]

This Philosopher Said It’s Okay to Get Stoned
And that asking questions about the morals of doing drugs really begins with exploring the reasons why people are even taking drugs in the first place. Escapism and shit. [VICE]

These Companies Encourage Smoking Weed During Work Hours
If you work in weed, you might as well work with weed (in your system.) Zing! No, but seriously, MassRoots credits cannabis as helping its employees achieve creative breakthroughs. [FirsttoKnow]

Kanye West vs. Wiz Khalifa = Yesterday on Twitter
In a Twitter feud with Wiz Khalifa on Wednesday, Kanye West showed a bit of his trademark insecurity in lamenting never achieving great physical height or rapid metabolism. [The KIND]

Denver’s Legal Weed Economy Is Non-Inclusive
The legal weed industry represents a new economic boom. But it’s black market origins present new barriers for black entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry, as having felony convictions involving previously illegal marijuana on one’s record is no chill, in the eyes of the state. [Yahoo]

Here’s Why So Many Cities in California Are Banning Cannabis
Because if they don’t do it before March 1, they’ll lose the right to do it ever, according to state law. [The KIND]

The Delorean Motor Company Might Be Back in Action
The car that drove the imagination of an entire generations’ film buffs may soon be back in production—if a new law is passed. [The Verge]

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