Spoiler Report: From Prison to Pot-Extraction Lab, More

There's also a man giving away weed seeds in Canada.

This Former Prison Could Possibly Become a Cannabis Extraction Facility
Coalinga, California, is a real American boom town––it was founded after the discovery of petroleum oil beneath its land. Now, the city is looking to capitalize on a new kind of oil refining: Cannabis oil. And it wants to do so by transforming a former correctional facility into an extraction lab. According to local media, in February, "Coalinga Mayor Ron Ramsey and City Manager Marissa Trejo fielded a proposal from Southern California-based Ocean Grown Extracts to turn the 77,000-square-foot Claremont Custody Center into a marijuana growing operation." [Fresno Bee]

An Advocacy Group in Louisiana Is Working to Legalize Weed
The state with some of the strictest drug laws in the country is seeing action from within the marijuana movement. “The Freedom to Prosper," is the motto of Legalize It Louisiana, an advocacy group that hopes to persuade Louisiana voters that cannabis represents new jobs, education funding, increased tax revenue, and decreased crime rates.  [Legalize It Louisiana]

This Dude Wants to Give Free Weed Seeds to Canada's Growers
In February 2016, former New Democratic Party candidate and current cannabis activist Dana Larsen was the subject of headlines when he mailed free weed to members of Canadian parliament. Now, Larsen is hoping to empower the Great White North's community of growers, and has pledged to mail free marijuana seeds to anyone promising to grow a "victory garden." This is a prime example of subversive-though-non-violent-protest as a means of promoting a cause. [Overgrow Canada

Alaska Plans to Digitally Track Every Marijuana Plant in the State From Seed-to-Sale
The state has entered into a $100,000 contract with technology company Franwell to use its "Metrc" system. According to Alaska Dispatch News, "Franwell’s Metrc system will be used to track Alaska’s commercial marijuana plants. Metrc was designed specifically for Colorado’s marijuana industry; the system has tracked more than 3 million plants." Metrc will also be employed to track recreational sales in Oregon. [ADN]

Cannabis Could Have a $44bn Impact on Economy by 2020
The nascent legal weed industry is being described as a major economic engine in the coming years. Industry speculators predict if current legalization trends continue, the herb will impact the national economy by as much as $44bn directly. According to a recent study, "[these] figures are based on sales of medical and recreational marijuana at the retail level (including flower, infused products and concentrates). Overall, for each dollar spent by marijuana patients/customers at retail, an additional three dollars in economic benefit is realized." [Marijuana Business Daily]