Spoiler Report: Kids Fake Kidnaps, Silk Road Bigshot Behind Bars, More

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My Kidnapping Story: The Teens Who Pretend to be Kidnapped on YouTube
Thousands of teens are coming together and talking about being kidnapped online. But the vast majority of stories are not true, or are actually about getting "almost" kidnapped. [Broadly

Silk Road Senior Advisor ‘Variety Jones’ Caught, says FBI
One of the most influential people suspected of helping Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht grow the online bazaar and realize greater visions, is being held in federal custody, according to the FBI. [Motherboard

Hella Potent Weed Could Be Risky
While the researchers are still unsure on the weed, doing science on it is arguably a good thing for advocates of legalization. [Scientific American]

Someone Sets Up Slew of Phony Instagram Accounts, Fake ‘KRS-1’ Gets Verified by Instagram
But your nipple pics still get reported. [Ratter

Marijuana Policy Project Thinks Wave of State Legislative Will Spark Legal Weed Nationwide
Power of positive thinking. And weed. [Salon

Private Schools in New York Get Taxpayer Funded Security Guards
Don’t feel so left out, unprotected students of public school, this could be Robocop in beta .[Jezebel