Spoiler Report: Kosher Kush From Israel, Legal Weed Still Racist, More.

News + weed + lifestyle stories = spoiler report.

Mormons, Medical Marijuana, and Utah's Path to Legal Weed

Senate Bill 73, which would legalize medical marijuana in Utah for the treatment of nine qualifying conditions, is currently being debated by state lawmakers. The bill was proposed by Republican State Senator, and practicing Mormon, Mark Madsen. The catch: Cannabis use is a unanimous “no-chill,” in the eyes of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Madsen says: The government has no business telling its citizens if they can get down with ganja or not.
[The Influence]

Why Weed Is Relevant in The Flint, Michigan, Water Crisis
Medical weed has been legal in Michigan since voters approved the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act in 2008, though the industry has yet to see any regulation on cultivation, distribution, and testing of products. The medical cannabis market in Michigan should step up and serve as an example to other industries by self-policing contaminated cannabis, and lab-testing all products whether they’ve been produced using lead-contaminated water or not. [The KIND]

Even Though Philadelphia Cops Are Chilling Out on Weed Arrests, Racial Disparity Still Exists
The City of Brotherly Love and where the film Rocky takes place has seen an 80 percent decrease in overall marijuana arrests since it decriminalized the herb in 2014. Meanwhile, African American residents of Philadelphia remain nearly five times more likely than whites to be arrested for possessing small amounts of marijuana. [Philly.com]

U.K. Could Bank Up To €1bn in Weed Taxes
According to a study that would have the U.K. pulling a total poser-but-still-way-progressive move, and copy some of the States in legalizing weed for regulated retail and adult use, the nation would net up to €1bn in tax revenue. [Independent]

What It's Like to Be Busted for Weed in New York City as a Man of Color
Black and Hispanic cannabis enthusiasts account for 88 percent of misdemeanor pot possession charges in New York City. White people smoke weed in the financial district, in front of cops. [VICE]

Kosher Weed Could Be Israel’s Next Biggest Export
Probably not. But the country is reportedly “already a leading supplier of pharmaceuticals to the U.S...Now its government, scientists, and businesses are working together to turn the once illicit drug into a booming new medical business." Unlike in the states, the medical marijuana industry is being promoted by Israel’s Ministry of Health. Some of the “kosher kush” is reported as having the highest THC content of all time. [CNN]

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