Spoiler Report: Leftovers From Kind Posts Past

A leftover sandwich made from previously published stories on The KIND.

Trimming Bud in Detroit Is Great Work If You Can Hack It
The KIND contributor Lindsay MaHarry explores the legal marijuana industry emerging from the skeleton of a broke and broken Detroit. [The KIND]

Crushing on Laura Uhlir and Amanda Farris of Online Headshop and Boutique, Catch Tilly
On a particularly notable #WCW, The Kind caught up with the ladies of Catch Tilly, an Austin,Texas, based online headshop and cannabis-lifestyle boutique. [The KIND]

New Reefer Slang, What all The Youngs Are Saying
Alan Hanson, editor at The KIND and frequent employer of words and weed, writes some new entries into the language of the leaf. [The KIND]

Alaska Says Using Weed In Pot Shops Is Cool, Changes History
A trio of cannabis visionaries formed a majority of Alaska’s five-person Marijuana Control Board and voted 3-2 to allow in-shop weed consumption in a number of the state’s recreational dispensaries, none of which are open yet. [The KIND]

5 Absolutely Insane Anti-Drug Commercials
Pee-Wee Herman says crack isn't that cool, and McGruff the Crime Dog will likely bully you if you smoke weed, or so we were lead to believe. [The KIND]

Treating Depression and Anxiety With Psychedelics
The KIND editor Ben Parker Karris explores treating depression with psychedelic drugs, and the rising popularity of microdosing. [The KIND]

Stoner Chic, Grownup Style
Before you get high and go holiday shopping for some new ganja gear, you might want to consult this guide. [The KIND]

10 Things Henry J. Anslinger Said About Weed
The madman behind Reefer Madness said a lot of dumb things about weed. [The KIND]

This Is Your Dick on Weed
When your penis is lit, can it still find its keys? [The KIND]

How to Love Weed and Not Be Mistaken for a Stoner
Stay incognito. Fly under the radar. Don't be a fucking narc! [The KIND]

Notes From the Synthetic Marijuana Trauma Ward
Designer drugs and synthetic marijuana blends such as K2 and spice are surging in popularity in major American cities. The results are tragic. [The KIND]