Spoiler Report: New Zealand Low on Weed, How to Make Meth, More

And there's a billboard in Boston advertising weed.

Everyone Needs to Donate Weed to New Zealand
The cannabis community of NZ is in danger of running low on THC. And also CBD. Okay, we're done rhyming, but for real, according to reports, weed is â€œalmost unobtainable in any meaningful amount right now." Locals cite a recent bust of 9,000 plants as part of the reason for the shortage, and echo the universal sentiment that cops are bad for weed. [The Guardian]

Your MCM Is Inflating the California Cannabis Real Estate Bubble
Real estate space in California is some of the most expensive in the country. Adelanto, a desert town outside of Los Angeles, is reportedly hoping to capitalize on legal weed as marijuana businesses seek to avoid the high premiums of Oakland, San Francisco, and L.A. In Adelanto, the cannabis industry is slated to out-bid the predator drone industry. [SFGate]

This Is How to Make Meth
At least according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. No super troopers here. [BoingBoing]

A billboard in Boston is telling people that cannabis is safer than alcohol this St. Patrick's Day.

People Are Still Going to Prison for Weed Even Though It Is 2016
A homeless man in New Hampshire arrested for marijuana possession died in jail a week later. And Bernard Noble, who was arrested in New Orleans in 2010 while in possession of two craftily rolled joints, will do 13 years for being so 420-friendly. [VICE]

Leprechaun-Related Porn Searches Spike Each Year Around St. Patrick's Day
Because we're all sick puppies. [Fusion]

Many people point to this 1980 Budweiser ad as early inspiration for America's penchant for getting hammered as all hell on St. Patrick's Day.