Spoiler Report: No More Weed Delivery in L.A., More

Is there such a thing as an MDMA allergy?

Court Ruling Could Impact Future of Cannabis Delivery in Los Angeles
Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer is dangerous for legal weed delivery in the City of Angels. On Monday, a three-judge panel upheld a December 2014 injunction that forced weed-delivery app Nestdrop to cease all of its L.A. operations. "The injunction will prohibit the operators of the app from facilitating deliveries of medical marijuana in the city and directs the app to be modified accordingly,” Feuer boasted via press release. The revolution will be televised, Feuer, but it will also be delivered to our doorsteps with our dinner and medical cannabis. [Los Angeles Daily News]

Can You Die From an MDMA Allergy?
The research just isn't there to confirm that claim. Still, first-time rollers should probably start things off slow with a "quarter dose" (between 20 and 30mg). The International Drug Policy Consortium recommends this "allergy test," as "a portion of the population has a deficiency in a liver enzyme [CYP2D6] involved in processing MDMA and other drugs." Meanwhile, a dubstep-induced-death is completely plausible and probably happens every fourth bass drop. [VICE]

Americans Bought More Legal Weed Than Girl Scout Cookies in 2015
Nobody is denying the healthy relationship between weed and the cookies being peddled by the future leaders of our nation––but the profit margins on a box of tagalongs just can't compete with cannabis extracts that are more valuable-per-gram than gold. [Forbes]

America Thinks Weed Should Be the Most Legal Drug Ever
According to this poll, citizens of the red, white, and blue would be all right with legalizing cannabis for adult use, but wouldn't be that upset if heroin or meth remained illegal. [VOX]

This is How to Market Marijuana
Don't say weed, say cannabis. It's not a bong, it's functional glass art. And yes, this high fashion and sleekly designed future has zero room for any  "Marlboro 420s." [Atlantic

And apparently also poop has healing powers, which, um, duh. 

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