Spoiler Report: NYC Is Medicated, Kanye Drops Tracks for 15 Minutes, More

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New York City Joins the Medical Marijuana Club
The city's first medical cannabis dispensary, Columbia Care, opened in Union Square this week. To date, 51 medical marijuana patients have been certified in New York State, with 150 doctors statewide participating in the program. Gone are the days of smoking dirt weed from an apple whilst in the Big Apple. Well, not gone, but maybe numbered. [The KIND]

Kanye West Drops New Track, 'Real Friends'
And a teaser for 'No More Parties in L.A.,' featuring Kendrick Lamar, but then pulled them both moments later. Here's the link in case he lets us finish. [Soundcloud]

Liberal Members of Canadian Parliament to Receive a Gram of Pot in the Mail
Dana Larsen, a marijuana activist and former New Democratic Party candidate from British Columbia, has mailed each liberal MP in Canada a gram of high end bud. Bold move. [VICE]

A Lot of Tech Came Out at CES That Is Dope Even When You're Not Smoking Any
The Oculus Rift will start at $599, you can be an office douchebag from home with the help of a robot, Uber and Lyft fight for attendee rides, and everyone in the world except for China will be able to Netflix and chill. [The KIND]

Chemicals in Pizza Boxes Can Probably Kill You, says Science
Let's not blame it all on the cardboard, Domino's. [Death and Taxes]

Corrupt California Cop Arrested in Pennsylvania With $2 Million Worth of Pot
Yuba County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher M. Heath is this week's American cop in question. After being busted, all of his previous busts are being put under scrutiny. [Gawker]

A Toronto Dispensary Now Offers a Strain of Weed Called 'Rob Ford'
And apparently the former mayor is pretty pissed. [VICE]