Spoiler Report: Psychedelic Plant Helps Brains, Chemsex Crisis, More

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Ayahausca to Treat Depression, PTSD According to New Research
Science now backs up the medical merit of the psychotropic brew used by Shamans and psychonauts alike in the treatment of various ailments from depression to PTSD. Just don't give any of it to Michael Cera. [Motherboard]

Kobe Bryant Announces Retirement After 20 Years Hogging Ball With L.A. Lakers
Bryant wrote, "This season is all I have left to give." Still holding out for a change of heart on Space Jam 2. [PlayersTribune]

San Jose Medical Marijuana Policy Leaders Say: Smoke Local
Dispensaries in San Jose looking to stay legal are expected to be given a five-month extension on a rule requiring them to demonstrate that their marijuana is cultivated and procured locally, and not from third-party vendors from around the state. [San Jose Mercury News]

'Chemsex' Becoming Major Problem in U.K.
The use of drugs such as GHB and crystal meth during sex, sometimes over the course of a couple of days, is on the rise in the U.K. Sometimes, what you think will be a good time, doesn't end as such. [VICE]

'Pot Doctors' Face Different Challenges In Medical Marijuana States
Get it together, docs. [ABC News

NYC Street Artist Scrawls 'Fuck ISIS' on Subway Walls
New York City-based street artist VEW created a politically charged Star Wars-themed mural in an abandoned Manhattan subway station. The millennial artist drafted the message “Fuck Isis” in a style of lettering fashioned to resemble the iconic Star Wars font. Force is strong with this one. [Ratter]