Spoiler Report: Rihanna Fooled You, Yuppies Dig LSD, and More

Click bait headlines de-baited by The KIND staff.

Rolling Papers Releases First Theatrical Trailer, to Premiere February 19
What does a responsible media outlet do when recreational marijuana is legalized in its state? It embeds itself within the weed world. Light up and catch the first trailer for Rolling Papers, a documentary that follows the first year of The Cannabist, a weed-only publication launched by The Denver Post, covering the legal weed beat. The story is told by editor Ricardo Baca and Cannabist staff. [The Cannabist]

The VA Is Swamped by a Never-Ending Backlog of Veterans Appeals Cases
Inside sources claim the Department of Veterans Affairs is ill-equipped to handle more than 425,000 claims for disability payments coming in annually, and the subsequent appeals when these claims are denied. At least VA doctors can legally recommend weed in medicinal marijuana states now. 
[Los Angeles Times]

Rapper 2 Chainz Is Selling Dope Weed Christmas Sweaters With Dabbing Santas
Hold the milk and cookies this year. Instead, leave Santa some flower and shatter. Hopefully he'll hook you up with one of these new sweaters from 2Chainz. [HotNewHipHop]

Psilocybin and LSD Are the New Adderrall Among Professionals
A growing number of professionals are "microdosing" LSD and other psychedelics in the search for cognitive enhancement. This practice is gaining traction as an "alternative to Adderall." [The KIND] and [Rolling Stone]  

Rihanna Isn't Actually Launching Line of Cannabis Products
We were all wrong. [EurWeb]

Alaska Regulators First to Allow People to Smoke at Marijuana Retailers 
Pass the [pipeline] to the left, and then to the rest of the country, but not until the state finally opens a dispensary. [High Times]

Justin Bieber Ruins Nirvana Shirts Forever
First it was Metallica. Now it's Nirvana. [SPIN]