Spoiler Report: Rosin On the Rise, More

Cannabis news, heady headlines.

Mainstream Media Knows About Rosin, Game on Brink of Changing
As the weed world becomes one with the real world, the innovations it has spurred in the past few decades receive press coverage. Though it could not resist a reference to Breaking Bad and cooking meth, this report takes an insightful look at the squish scene: "Rosin (pronounced RAW-zin) could very well be the future of marijuana." [Bloomberg]

Study Says Cannabis Not Safe for Longterm Use
If you smoke weed, you'll be poor and have a horrible social life and everyone will hate you, according to this study. Kind of. [KCRA]

Virginia Teacher Is Accused of Being the Worst, Allowing Students to Smoke Weed in Class
Pretty much what would be the real world equivalent to Jack Black's character in School of Rock had it not been one of the best films of 2003. Time and place. [ABC13]

CDC: Testing Positive for THC no Longer Barrier to Opioid Use
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a component of the federal Department of Health and Human Services that bills itself as “the nation’s health protection agency,” released its first-ever set of national guidelines for doctors prescribing opiods last week. Good news! Testing positive for THC will no longer disqualify you from the pool of Americans eligible for the great opioid epidemic of 2016! [The KIND]

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