Spoiler Report: Sexist Beards, James Beard-Winner Edibles, More

It's a hairy world out there, brought to you one strand at a time.

New Research Suggests a Link Between Sexism and Facial Hair
So, in other words, being a dick toward most dudes in Silver Lake (RE: Bushwick/Williamsburg) is totally justified. [Broadly]

Father and Son Arrested and Charged With Grand Larceny Over Chicken Wings
Because buying mass quantities of chicken with your employer’s credit card and illegally distributing it is how real men bond. [Death and Taxes]

America’s First Public Ayahuasca Church Will Open in Elbe, Washington
Ayahuasca Healings, a Peruvian spiritual center, has been granted church status and plans to open a public healing retreat on 160 acres of land. [MUNCHIES]

James Beard Award Winning Chef Teams With Cultivator to Create Gourmet Edibles
Chicago-based chef Mindy Segal is out to prove that not all edibles have to be junk food. [Food and Wine]

Ask a Weed Lawyer: How To Protect Yourself From Being Searched
You’ve been pulled over. You’re stoned. What do you do next? [The KIND]

Mexican Grandmother Uses Marijuana Infused Alcohol to Treat Aches and Pains, Says Fuck the Ban on Weed
This is really a metaphor for the people of Mexico having a long and healthy relationship with the herb, in spite of its legal status, which is on course to change soon. [Yahoo]

New Pesticide Regulations Will Increase Price of Pot in Oregon
Experts say it will cost more to get high in Oregon on the street and in the club, because of new regulations regarding pesticides in 2016. [KTVZ]