Spoiler Report: Tampa Chill Weed; So Is This Pro Athlete, More

Cannabis news and marijuana-related stories.

Tampa Teens Will No Longer Be Arrested for Possessing Small Amounts of Weed
The Florida city is exploring a pilot program in which "juveniles found in possession of small amounts of marijuana, 20 grams or less, no longer will be arrested but will instead be cited and required to attend a drug treatment program." Tampa processed 650 juvenile arrests for misdemeanor drug charges in 2015. [TBO]

Tanner Hall Is The First Professional Athlete To Team Up With a Weed Brand
Cannabis industry commenters say the partnership between Tanner Hall and Denver-based Black Rock Originals represents the first bud-brand-professional-athlete-relationship. The Tanner Hall Ski Boss collection, is a lot like a designer version of those "first-time-patient" kits most dispensaries hand out and includes a lighter, grinder, and rolling papers. Last month, Hall told High Times he wouldn't mind having a strain of his own. Wouldn't we all, bro. [Powder]

What Boston Would Look Like With Legal Weed
Denver, Colorado, is presented as a model of what a legal marijuana city might, probably, potentially, actually, kinda, sort-of, totally does look like. Pretty sure Bean Town would look much the same. [Boston Globe]

Adult Use of Marijuana Act Is Likely the Only California Pot Initiative That Matters
The ballot initiative aiming to legalize all marijuana in California––1 of 20 pot measures filed in 2015––is the most heavily funded initiative and will likely be the only one to make it onto the 2016 ballot. This is the initiative that received $1M in donations from Sean Parker, a guy who had a Lord of the Rings themed wedding. [Los Angeles Times]

It's Really Easy to Get a Medical Marijuana Recommendation in California
Medical marijuana doctors were on site and issuing recommendations to hopeful patients at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup held earlier this year in San Bernardino, California. One reporter got ripped off big-time. [Orange County Register]