Spoiler Report: Teens Prefer Vapes and Pot, DJ Khaled Snaps, More

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Can Juggalos Save the World From ISIS?
Howard Stern seems to think so, and suggests that we send the psychopathic circus to end the Caliphate. [Death and Taxes]

Teens Like Vaping More Than Cigarettes
E-Cigarettes and vaporizers have eclipsed cigarettes in popularity among American youths, according to a survey. [USA Today]

DJ Khaled Snapchats After Dark Jet Ski Ride, Is Still the Best at Snapchat
 "It's so real out here smh," DJ Khaled told the world over the ethereal messaging app, as he cruised over dark waters on his jet ski. The producer, who has previously made claims of being "da best," then calmed his nerves with a cigar in a hot tube. [VICE]

Teen Weed Use Plateaus
Because cool parents don't think it's that risky anymore. [US News]

Despite Alleged Lack of Risky Sex Appeal, Teens Still Smoke More Pot Than Cigarettes
Which is tight. [The Atlantic]

Frank Underwood for President/'House of Cards' Trailer Is Only Political Ad You Need to Watch

Francis Underwood doesn't fuck around. 

Tim O'Keefe and James Franco Drop New Track
"You Are Mine" sounds how you think it would sound. [SPIN]

Critics Love Star Wars
Here's where all the cool jedis are blazing down. [The KIND]

Scientists Say Current Way We Name Weed Is Wrong Because Genetics
So, like, is this Sour Diesel really Grand Daddy Purp? [Wired]