Spoiler Report: U.S. Adults Smoking Hella Weed, Cops and Crowds, More

Los Angeles is cracking down on dispensaries, too. Again.

Adult Marijuana-Use Rose 232 Percent in One Year
Economic speculators are speculating the legal recreational and medical cannabis industries will net America a cool $22.8bn in tax revenue by 2020. Another win for team weed: Pennsylvania recently voted to approve a medical marijuana program, while California voters could decide on a ballot initiative that would legalize full-on adult recreational tokage in 2016. [USA Today]

Meanwhile, Oregon Is all About That Legal Weed Money Life
Beaver State Department of Revenue says that Oregon pulled in nearly $3.5m in tax revenue from the first month of legal recreational cannabis sales. [Yahoo News]

This Is How Cops Control Crowds
From projectile Tasers to armored vehicles fit for a SWAT team, this is how America's police deal with crowds. Take note, people with a propensity to start flash mobs.[VICE]

Pennsylvania Youth Suffers From 500 Daily Seizures, Will Soon Medicate Legally
A family moved from the Quaker State to cannabis-friendly Colorado so their pre-teen son, who suffers from myoclonic epilepsy, could access medical cannabis products such as THC-infused topicals and CBD oils. On March 16, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed a bill that would legalize such treatment in the state, and empower the family to return home. [York Dispatch]

New Mexico Extract Artists Blow Up Dispensary While Making Dabs
The owners of Santa Fe-based, New MexiCann Natural Medicine, received serious burns and have been fined by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration after a mid-extraction explosion left their store and some of its employees in flames. According to the local weed beat, "OSHA has fined New MexiCann, one of the state's 35 medical marijuana dispensaries, for a total of 12 'serious' violations to workplace health and safety totaling $13,500." [Albuquerque Journal]

Los Angeles Cracks Down on Dispensaries
Weed-industry watchdogs say that precursors to a legal California cannabis market are going down. The state says that right now, there are too many shady medical weed dispensaries, and that, "A streamlined Medical Marijuana Dispensary Enforcement Team will speed up our effort to shut down and prosecute illegal marijuana dispensaries." This news comes days after an L.A. judge ruled to shut down all Los Angeles operations of medical marijuana delivery app, Nestdrop. [LA Weekly]

As you plan out the rest of your week, just make sure not to leave Snoop Dogg in charge of tagging your Instagram locations unless you're chilling in Romania. This Facebook group is telling people to "Stop Snitching." Which is wise advice. There could be a cannabis shortage in Colorado and Oregon once pot-providers are required to test all of their products. And this is the most-depressed snow cone of the year.