Spoiler Report: Vegas Strip Gets First Pot Shop, More

And a look inside the Silk Road 2.0.

The First Pot Shop Opens on Las Vegas Strip
What happens in Vegas rarely stays there, and is often pretty tight, but a lot of it is depressing as hell. On the pretty-tight-side-of-things, Essence, a medical marijuana dispensary and the 16th retail weed outfit in Southern Nevada, opened its doors to patients on the Las Vegas strip Tuesday. Pro Tip: There is also a Shake Shack on the strip. [Las Vegas Now]

Cannabis Testing Could Soon Be the Law
Does weed give you hives? That's probably because it was sprayed with pesticides before being harvested. (Or, you're a narc.) According to reports, beginning summer 2016, "all medical marijuana products [in Colorado] will be required to undergo testing by certified facilities, much the way that recreational products are currently tested." [WestWord]

Pennsylvania Teen Goes to Hospital Because of Weed Gummy Bears, Is a Square-In-Training
If weed gummy bears knocked this kid out, they were the strongest gummy ganja grizzlies of all time, or the kid is a straight up soft Koala. [New York Daily News]

The Future of Marijuana Is Mobile and Can Be Delivered to Your Doorstep
As access to marijuana continues to open up, attitudes surrounding it are shifting, and it's showing up in more places than ever. There are “Postmates of Pot;” “Etsys of Weed;” and even mobile-based inventory management and logistics platforms designed specifically for weed businesses. [The KIND]

Meet the Mastermind Behind Silk Road 2.0
The human behind the dark web marketplace's second incarnation speaks about his experiences and what it felt like to become the next Dread Pirate Roberts in a narrative that becomes more about civil liberties than drugs. “Dread Pirate Roberts is now immortal and if you devote yourself to that ideal, and our enemies cannot stop it, then the idea becomes something else entirely...They may have sunk one ship, but now they have awoken the kraken.”[MOTHERBOARD]

Also, Action Bronson cooked clams in a bong. Happy Friday.